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I wish to inspire and being in processes of learning, collaborations for discovering, interpreting cultures and social phenomenas. To hold spaces for different and new ideas of what life is about.

I tend to the grey areas, the ambiguities and paradoxes. No relation is static, contained, permanent and unchanging, but rather part of a process in constant dynamic flux.


A BOOK for Libraries

This is a book, born after many years working with library spaces, written for anyone who works in a library. With a hope to inspire for a deeper and more consious care of the library space and to make it into something more than a container of books. But a communicator in itself. In this book I explore how the library space can be everything we wish it to be for our citizens.

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Library has an important role in society, and a special place in my heart. However, libraries are usually designed to contain books and the catalog system, not to meet people with stories and learning. I see enormous opportunities in all our libraries to better meet people's needs and dreams and to mirror the social mission. What do the many people think and feel about reading, free opinions and knowledge? What, or perhaps rather who does the library need to be in order to meet these needs and dreams? What would the library space look like if it was created today?

I inspire, advice, support, hold lectures and trainings in library space communication, change and development journeys and I design library spaces.


We live in a world where mistrust, greed and hunger for power show up disguised as common sense. Where our common idea of growth is taken hostage by the "market" acting as authority and point of referencein our life and whose mending prefixes "sustainable", "equal", "social", "green" anxiously patch up and maintain. Faced by the complexity of global issues; climate crises, pandemics, war, polarization, economic and social in-equalities, our hard wired societal systems begin to erode and call for another line of reasoning.

In the exihibition, "Growth, what is that?", a collaboration with Malmö City, Malmö University, local businesses, ALMI Skåne, we examine the linear way of thinking about growth. It is a space expanding perceptions. An invitation to rethink the idea on which the growth narrative of our times rests, presented by a series of spatial installations made from rebar forming an entangled labyrinthine mesh. Each installation explores a different theme relating to growth. One, initially appears to be a giant lukcy cat but is made up of hundreds of golden lucky cats. A myriad of little paws move frantically to lure in more fortune, asking the question: How much is enough? Produced and designed in corporation with Kossmanndejong. Showed at Malmö Museer during 2022.


Honored with the Silver Award in the Cultural Interior Design/Installation category by the International Design Awards, IDA 2023.


The modern society, emerging in the tracks of industrialism, has rested on the idea of science as superior when shaping the reality in which we live our lives. The heritage is visible in our obsession for what’s measurable. As if only the measurable can exist. The idea, serving us humans well in the past, might no longer be the only truth. The playfield is changing and with that being said, I wish for this short TEDx Talk to be seen as a very personal input or viewpoint and  exploration of the role of corporations, leadership and our economic model.

Our future potential as humans lays in our ability of re-patterning in the present moment and nurture what emerges

How I work

My work moves in the intersection of economics, philosophy and sociology. Change and transformations processes, leadership, innovation, space design, communication, behaviour patterns, norms and values, social phenomena and dilemmas.

As a strategic thinking partner I bring an holistic and systemic view, ask for perspectives, look for the emergent and stay in the quirky questions.



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+46 732 32 15 11

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